Our Range of Shutters

When you buy shutters from Shuttercraft, you can rest assured that your new custom-made shutters represent outstanding quality and value for money.

Classic MDF

Basswood Priority

Our Classic mdf range of shutters combine a tough, durable finish with excellent value for money.

MDF Classic is ideal in areas where it may take knocks, so it’s great for children’s bedroom and patio doors.

  • 64, 76, 89 & 115mm louvers
  • Available in 5 shades of white
  • Mortise & tenon panel joints
  • Reinforced engineered wood stiles
  • Patented polypropylene coating
  • Tough, hard-wearing surface
  • Available only for single and double-hinged panels



This range is a combination of composite materials including MDF panels with Thermalite louvres and MDF frames.

Suitable for most rooms, especially any high traffic area like a kitchen.

Unique combination of materials to give you an excellent value for money shutter.

  • 64, 76, 89 & 115mm louvres
  • 18 painted finishes
  • Selection of surround frames
  • Mortise & tenon joints
  • Durable maintenance-free louvres
  • Centre, off-set or hidden tilt rod options
  • Excellent value for money shutter



A unique waterproof shutter that is extremely hard-wearing and suitable for environments prone to steam or moisture.

Ideal for bathrooms, shower rooms and areas with high traffic.

Hygenic and easy wipe-clean surface make these shutters the ideal choice for bathrooms and ensuites.

  • 64, 76, 89 & 115mm louvres
  • Available in 6 painted finishes
  • Pre-mitred frames with Hofmann slotted keyholes
  • Stainless steel staples & hinges
  • Extremely durable material

Premium Hardwood


The very best in construction and materials, using Premium Hardwood for both panels and frames.

Our largest range of colour options, and suitable for shapes also.

If you aspire to having only the finest quality furnishings in your home, this is the range for you,

  • 64, 76, 89 & 115mm louvres
  • 18 painted and 21 stained finishes
  • Custom paint finish available
  • Only select premium hardwood used
  • Choice of  frame surrounds
  • Architectural shapes option