It’s the finishing touches that make all the difference

And for window coverings, there’s nothing to beat real, Custom-Made Plantation Shutters from Shuttercraft!

For new homeowners in the Dun Si development at St Marnocks Bay in Portmarnock, we have a very special package on offer.

Upgrade from Mdf material to Hardwood at no extra cost,

Pay just 25% deposit with your order compared to the normal 50%.

FREE temporary blinds until your new shutters are ready.

Custom-made shutters suitable for The Burrow / The Warren / The Kingfisher / The Heron / The Merlin / The Curlew / The Meadow / The Horsetail

Contact Hugo on 086 8107106 and he’ll be happy to assist you with your inquiry.

Or alternatively you can arrange a free, no-obligation, site visit here

(More than 20 homes previously fitted by Shuttercraft in St Marnocks Bay)

PolyTherm® Express Shutters in Just 2-3 Weeks -